COVID-19 Safety

While the comfort, healing, and relaxation of our clients have always been our top priority at Red Moon Wellness, your safety, as well as that of our staff and the greater community, will always come first. We have worked hard to not only implement the most comprehensive evidence-based set of changes and policies to minimize risks during the pandemic, but we have also meticulously thought through how to maintain the best client experience possible during our "new normal". We understand some things will feel different in your overall experience, but the heart of what we do - highly skilled therapeutic massage in a beautiful environment - will remain unchanged.

In order to minimize risk of COVID-19 transmission, we are in full compliance with NY State reopening requirements for Phase 3 Industries, NYC regulations, and CDC and OSHA guidance for disinfection. Accordingly, we have implemented a variety of new policies that pertain to both clients and staff as well as extensive disinfecting procedures. Read on for a summary of changes, details on client policies, as well as information on our client & staff health screenings.

Summary of Changes

UPDATE Nov 2020: Medical Massage is an Essential Health Care Service in NY State and new data indicates that massage seems to be a low risk activity when performed with proper precuations. Details on our latest blog post.

Red Moon is taking the highest level precautions:

Download our full NY State Phase 3 Industries Re-opening Safety Plan

Client Policies

When booking an appointment all clients are required to read and agree to the following policies:

Client & Staff Screenings

In addition to temp checks, all staff and clients will be required to sign the following health declaration before every time they enter the studio. 

By signing below, I attest that all of the following is true about me and everyone in my household in the past 14 days:

I understand I will need to attest to this health declaration again before every appointment at Red Moon Wellness while the COVID-19 pandemic continues. I understand that if anything changes related to my health or possible COVID-19 exposure between the time I attest to this and the time of my appointment that would render anything on this declaration form no longer true, I will contact Red Moon Wellness right away to reschedule. If you need to late cancel for this reason you will receive a make-up session so as to avoid a cancellation fee.

*"Close contact" is defined as closer than 6 feet distance for greater than 15 minutes time.